Retaining Length

10 Tips For Length Retention For Natural Hair - Curls and Cocoa

In today's latest blog, we will be discussing length retention and how to find a method that works for you. Length retention is generally defined as taking proper care and maintenance of your existing strands to prevent breakage. You might also be wondering what is the difference between length retention and hair growth and the main difference is that retention methods can be adjusted to complement already existing or new hair growth patterns. The following are different tips to help foster healthy and better retention no matter what stage your hair is at. 

Proper moisturization; always remember your water on the inside counts as much on the outside. Drinking your water and having a consistent intake of approximately 3 liters positively influences how your body carries nutrients and vitamins to other vital organs and their functions. Water on the outside is the type of product that is incorporated into your hair regime, whether that be deep conditioning every couple of weeks or coating your hair with a light mist of water before bed.  You’re training your hair to retain water and hydrating your body with the most important liquid there is. 

Proper hair protection in the changing seasons and when going to bed are also key. Using a satin pillowcase paired with a satin bonnet worn before bed is just as important as wearing a satin beanie, hoodie, or Perfect Pineapple headwrap during the winter months. In the summer, you should keep up your habits of wearing your silk bonnet at night but during the day, you can opt to continue wearing your favorite silk headwrap or protective styles to keep your ends tucked and away from the harsh heat.

Washing methods vary from person to person but be gentle with detangling and take your time when in the shower. To properly detangle in the shower differ with dry hair, separate hair into 4 sections, and use a detangling brush to work from roots to tips, going in slow strokes. Make sure to stretch your hair if possible and that you incorporate whatever products you’re using properly.

Excessive styling and heat can cause stress on your hair and backtrack all of the work you’ve been doing, so having regular trims is needed to get rid of the breaking, dead, and split ends. You can either opt to book an apportionment at your salon, or refer to our previous blog on DIY split ends trim.