Retaining Moisture

Moisture Retention Routine| How to Moisturize & Seal Dry Natural Hair -  YouTube

When looking for ways to keep your hair journey on the right path, you should start with a great routine that seals in hydration while avoiding build-up. 

To start, the most important and first ingredient should be water. H20. Liquid gold. Nothing replenishes or nourishes the scalp and hair cuticle like a daily spritz of water. This also leads to the world of porosity. When I first heard this word, I wasn’t surprised that a new term is being added to the hair care dictionary. I've learned that high porosity hair simply absorbs moisture but can’t retain it and low porosity is able to absorb moisture only on the surface. Therefore, in order to figure out your hair type, simply place a few clean strands of hair in a transparent container filled with water.  High porosity hair will sink immediately, low porosity hair will float, and normal porosity hair will float temporarily and then slowly sink. 
Based on the results of your porosity test, choose products that will best benefit your hair type which will be determined by whether they are water, oil, or cream-based.

Always follow up with quality products that will seal in the moisture, like a deep conditioner or oil sealant. Last but not least, after you have done all of that work determining your porosity and choosing the best products for your hair based on that, incorporate protective styling, limited heat exposure, and sleep with a satin pillowcase or Perfect Pineapple Satin wrap!