Today we will be discussing how to cut your own split ends. Now, there are many wrong ways to do it, but it can be done correctly, especially on textured and curlier hair patterns. First, split ends are caused by heat, friction, and excessive brushing. However, it’s totally preventable and can be self-treated. Since curly hair  is so fragile, it’s important that it's maintained, not only to increase length, but health. 

(These steps are DIY guidelines, not professional instruction. Do what applies and works best for your hair needs.)

So the first step to  trimming those split ends is to use professional shears and use them ONLY for hair. Don’t try cutting your hair with kitchen or kiddie scissors. 

Second,  it’s time to separate your hair into 4 or more sections. Then  you can blow-dry your hair out, do two-strand twists, or “search and snip” as you see fit, in each section.

To prevent further persistence of split ends BE GENTLE with things like styling, detangling, and use of heat even with protective spray applied. Deep condition and hydrate your hair AND scalp to lock in moisture and prevent future damage. You can also try hot oil treatments to lock in moisture and help repair damaged strands. If these don’t help, it may be time to change your wash-day, moisturizing, or sleeking products and opt for ones with greater benefits. 

With this all said, it’s acceptable to not want to do it yourself and seek out a salon for trims every 4-8 weeks or as needed. Then follow up each appointment with self-maintenance because no one knows what your hair needs like you do.