Hair Porosity and Products

Maintaining healthy hair has a journey and a great place to start that journey is with hair care routine that agrees with your hair porosity. Also in order to retain length and grow  your hair, the first stop on your journey  should always include hydration. 

The first and most obvious ingredient should be water. H20. Liquid gold. On your hair but most importantly in your body. Nothing replenishes or nourishes the scalp and hair cuticle like a daily spritz of water, however how you maintain that moisture is determined on how porous your hair is. Let's dig into the general types of hair porosity.

High porosity hair simply absorbs moisture but can’t retain it. Low hair porosity is able to absorb moisture only on the surface but not deep into the hair shaft. So in order to determine what products your hair would like, you must know determine its porosity and is how you do just that. Simply place a few clean strands of you hair in a clear glass filled with water.  High porosity hair will sink to the bottom immediately while low porosity hair will float. 

Then, based on the results of your porosity test, you can best determine the  that will benefit your hair type: water, oil or cream based products.

Is your hair extra dry? Incorporate deep conditioners or oils just as sealants or emollients to your hair care process. Well, after you have done all of that work, determining your porosity and choosing the best products for your hair based on that information now it is time for you to incorporate protective hair styles like braids or twist. If you really want to keep that hair healthy, limited heat exposure and be sure to sleep with a satin pillowcase or Perfect Pineapple Satin wrap!


Hope these tips were helpful. Now go out and create your customized hair care routine so you can reach all of your hair goals!