So recently, FINA, the International Swimming Federation has placed a ban on swim caps produced by “Soul Cap”, a black owned swim apparel company because they don’t follow the “natural form of the head”. This is just the public’s way of saying we’re not going to make an exception for hair that defies gravity once wet and that ethnicities with unique kinks, coils, and special hair care needs aren't a priority . Not only does this FINA ban discourage young African American swimmers, but this ban also shows how once again Diversity and Inclusion is just a marketing tactic. Since the backlash of FINA’s statement, they’ve now decided to reconsider their decision because they’ve realized the importance of “representation”. The majority of swimmers in the Olympics are overly-represented by whites and this ban only further separates the dreamers from the achievers. Brands like Soul Cap, Mielle Organics, and Perfect Pineapple strive to serve communities of textured hair and give its members a chance to be heard loud and clear. Hair shouldn't be a topic of debate, but a place where one can feel accepted if it's in a fro, waist length box braids with beads, or beautifully tucked away in a sleek Citrine Glow Satin wrap by Perfect Pineapple. 


National CROWN Day is July 3 and stands for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair”. The CROWN Act is a  bill passed by Congress in Sept. 2020 prohibiting discrimination based on a person’s hairstyle or texture, specifically those that participate in federally funded programs, employment, housing programs, and public accommodations such as school. People can't be deprived of equal rights because of the style or texture of hair. “Prohibits race-based discrimination, which is the denial of employment and educational opportunities because of texture or protective hairstyle including braids, locs, twists, or bantu knots.”

Written By Maricela Anderson



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